Coolest Guy On The Planet – Daniel Molano

The coolest guy on the planet. Right back at you SEO gurus! :)

Here's the deal, many famous internet marketers such as Mike Filsaime and Brad Fallon have this little SEO contest/experiment going on, to see who can get the highest SERP ranking for the keyword phrase: coolest guy on the planet.

And since I consider myself to be quite good at this game, I have decided to go for it.

Not to mention that I would be beating some of the best SEO gurus at their own game, so it's quite an interesting challenge.

In addition of course to all the intercepted traffic of this remarkable experiment and buzz.

So without further ado, here I am, the coolest guy on the planet.

- Daniel Molano

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September 21, 2009

Donn Wright @ 10:48 am #

Way to go Dan! Get in there and knock them on their ass. I see you are steadily moving up, keep at it. I would love to see the guy who got me started with TNB on top!


November 1, 2009

Peter Drew @ 8:55 pm #

Hey Daniel,

Great to have you competing.

Getting front page is easy, getting higher up is a bit harder. :)

Best of luck in your rankings buddy!

Good to see another joining in the fun.



November 2, 2009
November 13, 2009

Peter Drew @ 6:34 am #

Well done mate, goes to show how effective title and url is in Google.

Your domain must have built up some nice credits along the way. :)



January 19, 2010

Chris @ 1:38 pm #

Must be at least two years since I last looked at the SERPs for the CGotP comp – Looks like Mr Leger's pushed past Brad now. Thought he would always be there back in 07.

January 20, 2010
March 12, 2010

Daniel, I hope to meet you at Stompernet Live? Are you coming?

Glen Woodfin

March 13, 2010

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